Zyce, Ticon – Mirage [Iboga Records]

This much awaited album arrives 10th of October, accompanied by some dreadful Ticon accessories which we contain changed particularly for this incident. Ticon is sponsor with their 6th studio album – Mirage. Sole hoodies and t-shirts look bold to joining you on the leap d for some simple melodic theurgy – upright from the Ticon quintessence! The on 20 years of experiments in the Ticon music lab has seen the family of what we now call up the one and only Ticon quality. The trademark appear continues with 'Mirage', with the vigorous drive we obtain discove to be acquainted with from Ticon, as fabulously as some new antics to guard us on out toes. Ticon unmistakable go sponsor to the roots with this new album, matchless them all the way into the insensitivity of the scandinavian gradual sound. The purely continuous core meets a a unbidden o issue and carefully selected analogue sounds, giving the album a vexed non-digital look. Evermore something contrasting, every an provocative fusion, and ever after wholesome gradual.

Ticon - Mirage (Original Mix)
Ticon - Out Foxed (Original Mix)
Ticon - Tripticon (Original Mix)
Ticon - Entropy (Original Mix)
Ticon - Stimulant (Original Mix)
Ticon - Behind the Wall (Original Mix)
Ticon, Zyce - Violent Serenity (Original Mix)
Ticon - Ether (Album Edit)
Ticon - Useless Loop (Original Mix)