zxc, Rasmus Erasmus – Nattskift Ep [Pantamuzik]

Roomy, vigorous but most of all honest, usher and incorporeal, unfathomable within we reach and lay one’s hands on ourselves in seem, this is a spot to look out. Rasmus Erasmus _ Nattskift EP _ PNTMZK047

Rasmus is a na Swedish creator based in Berlin, in passion with uncomplicatedness and bitter, gray aesthetics, obsessed with detachment and reconditeness, he started his euphonious tour playing in hardcore, rotten and garage bands in his hometown Skovde, after some years of experimenting with music and instruments he discovered electronic music and started to dj in parties, a few years ago he irrefutable to converge 100%% on his music and making and made the go to the smashing megalopolis of Berlin, where he has institute an remarkable milieu for musicians and artists from all throughout the fraternity, getting Byzantine in another projects and collectives round borough, this is his primary set free and Pantamuzik is charmed to bring on you new new sounds from upcoming artists creating an yield for na savage churchly punks in a unwavering search for creativity, community and art as a way of existence, Nattskift is a uncomplicated formation, a unfluctuating pulsation that breathes in and out with huge peace and a heated aloneness not start in unsealed spaces. to stand awaken and sensitive of tireless looker all hither, at all times…. This ep is many 47 in our catalog and explores new roads, with up to date unsophisticated innovative artists from about the the public, bringing us closer as one extensive community, the remix for this one is also by a label new work called zxc, a uncanny artist that appeared recently on our radar.

Rasmus Erasmus - Gjuteriet (Original Mix)
Rasmus Erasmus - Nattskift (Original Mix)
Rasmus Erasmus - Nattskift (zxc Remix)