Zillah (SA) – Music In Afrika Ep [Zillah Muzik Records]

As the trade mark president honcho I assumption this EP blesses you and concede you to own a unique angle of my handiwork and individuality of my sounds. Info/enquiries :-

zila. This EP is all down the afro sounds of the motherland which I from managed to pinch a lot of my funky sounds and also doleful strings and pad to induce reliable it is more hypnotic and gives goosebumps. As the mark chairman honcho of Zillah Muzik Records I be subjected to unmistakable to dish out the earliest make available of the transcribe classification as an EP of strictly afro residence with a funky be together to it.

Zillah (SA) - Ekhaya (Original Mix)
Zillah (SA) - Phapano (Original Mix)
Zillah (SA) - Serapa (Original Mix)