Zen Dub, Karas – The Dojo Ep [Different Drumz Recordings]

The designation monitor 'Dojo' sucks you in from the start with a shadowy and spooky intro featuring spellbinding swells and flute tickles providing the Asian vibes that confer this pursue it's occult feature. Restrictive and punchy drums and yummy Japanese koto plucks set in motion the path rolling along while the difficult sub and cinematic mellifluous elements essay this tiptop watch together to hypnotising outcome. this is 'The Dojo EP'! The other on 'Warmth Worm' delves a dwarf deeper and dirtier starting you off with unsullied steppy beats, occult pads and vocal swells that settle you on a wend on cranny of the intro virtuous up to the descend where ri mid bass wobbles and stabs gain possession of to and kindle verve into this difficult and robust pursue. Again, Zen Dub & Karas conserve things melodious with some evil synth song and sounds to hold you on your toes and bouncing on the dance bowl over. We are proud to reception UK based drum and bass producers Zen Dub & Karas to the Odd Drumz Recordings roster with an atmospheric and far East inspired set consisting of two contrasting yet superbly matched tracks covering two disparate sub genres of the drum and bass spectrum…

Karas, Zen Dub - Dojo (Original Mix)
Karas, Zen Dub - Glow Worm (Original Mix)