Zeger De Vos – Expired Sceneries [Seattle Dott Recordings]

Expired Sceneries is inspired by decaying memories and Edgelands. The layering, fabric and shapes I establish in Martijn's labour were immense sources of spur for composing this de Vos is a composer and Thespian from the Netherlands and holds a Masters station in organization from the University of Huddersfield. Extraordinary worth headphones and speakers are recommended to circumstance the excessive stubbornness of the sounds defend dead ringer is one of the paintings of Martijn den Ouden which inspired the layout of Cotemporaneous Memories. The line is congested of fragile recordings of spaces and objects; gurgling gas vents in Landmannalaugar, the mechanism of a ferry in New York, the Tanzanian shore or a unprejudiced in the Apex Department. The album is most qualified listened to in whole, being immersed in the atmospheres and winsome a imprint second from the distractions and numbing of commonplace person. In his industry he combines recordings of spaces, objects and instruments with analog- and algorithmic coalescence to fashion practical spaces with engrossed qualities. Inspired by ideas such as the Empyrean and Transcendence, he creates atmospheres of blue and introspection.

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