Zakari&Blange – Pandemonium [Amazing Records]

Interest on Matchbox is dim and minatorial, while Maschine is sanguine and dancey. Opener Synth Extermination, as the celebr suggests, is a hypnotic mix of melodic synths and ping-ponged percs bouncing help and forth, unabridged with a big profound demolish. words: FRANCESCO BERGOMI

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you contain any questions or you miss promo for your brand content don't scruple to acquaintance: Zakari & Blanges gain to Wonderful Records comes in the body of a hot 3 tracker showcasing their grade of German Techno and old college sounds.

Zakari&Blange - Synth Massacre (Original Mix)
Zakari&Blange - Matchbox (Original Mix)
Zakari&Blange - Maschine (Original Mix)