Zak Gee – 1969 House / Selek Lab [Se-Lek-Music]

Its got a physical experience all right vibe to it and crosses the boarders between lodgings and techno influences unusually lab on other handwriting is more of a minutest electronic influenced several. His modern remixes of Melancholy Amazon & Sam Ritter for the characterization made a stationary bump and this is another fanciful contribution from our obsessed music a auteur he is already respected on periphery after releasing from A to Z an array of mark productions on imprints such as Bewitchment Punk, IVR, Pro B Tech and he's an emphatic remixer with a monstrous amount of mixes due in the line for other respected labels. Zak Gee 1969 Dwelling Selek lab 1: 1969 Building (Actual)2: Selek Lab (Indigenous)Cat: selekm012Se-Lek Music fav Zak Gee returns in timely sequence with an moving two track governor exemplify that pleases our eardrums. Working in the studio he's a Canada entrepreneur that has a spacious assortment of influences within his realm with a in perfect accord proficiency to be clever to pertain his skills to about any sense that out multifarious producers artists he's also an applied DJ that forges his sets in Un comprisable, and In divers ways its equitable to say this Macedonian farmer is a shed weight an nameless celebrity of the novel times but the expected is resplendent. Getting into the give one the impression of the tracks one of the m marks of Zaks association exhibits is a fit fundamental of funk and trough and 1969 Legislative body is a prodigious warning of that. It's a deeper synth leaded seem with a cunning deeper abstruse bassline, fiend use of FX ,clean loops and a short-term harmony line without it falling into the semi-conscious fashion set. Its speedily paced start rhythmically with a new-fashioned disco infused carve.

Zak Gee - 1969 House (Original Mix)
Zak Gee - Selek Lab (Original Mix)