Zach Zlov, Jack Vath – Tangled Up Ep [Tangled Audio]

The off is pounding, has debilitated pianos and sounds like its been touched by pharaohs. The crash is ghostly and has a robotic express echoed wholly. This is the senior in a series of EPs called Tangled Up and brings you new artists with potent tunes. A spunky savage bassline, awesome plucks and an virtually midriff eastern vocal seize you to a distillation with smashing superintend stabs and flexuous pads. Driving, recondite and unlighted are the words that you would associate with with this techy twisted demon of a understand. Next up in 'Brute Mysticism' by Zach Zlov. Jack Vath is the ahead on the EP with his keep an eye on 'Disparate'. The particle is raw and absolutely not for the vertiginous hearted.

Jack Vath - Divergent (Original Mix)
Zach Zlov - Animal Mysticism (Original Mix)
Jack Vath - Divergent (Radio Edit)
Zach Zlov - Animal Mysticism (Radio Edit)