Zac B, Fake Self, Danuba – The Bizness [Pathogen Productions]

Joining the ever growing roster of Pathogen Productions is a exciting new producer called Danuba hailing from Nottingham. Danuba graces us with his new single Big Bizness. Heavily influenced by UK garage breaks & bass sounds, in the late 2000's he developed and kitted his own sound together around the 4/4 beat we all know and love! Dropping into the house scene with his seamless track Big Bizness, his work will be doing some serious damage on the club scene. His first single is followed up with 2 quality remixes. Fake Self also new to Pathogen Productions provides his more techy edge to the stomper, whilst propping up the single is Pathogen Productions well know Zac B with his master twist.

Danuba - Big Bizness (Original Mix)
Danuba - Big Bizness (Fake Self Remix)
Danuba - Big Bizness (Zac B Remix)