Yvonne Seelensangerin, Steffen Kirchhoff – Native [Serafin Audio Imprint]

"Native" by "Steffen Kirchhoff" is the debut EP of the new german label "Serafin Audio Imrpint" The EP is a slow pace tale about our deep musical roots and their connection with modern electronic music.
It all starts with the Track "Soulsong" a ritual chant by Yvonne Seelensangerin over a base of mesmerizing percussions and mesmerizing atmospheres. Followed by "Native" which was heavily inspired by the spirit of people who are celebrating together and the slow grooves of east german slow motion culture. The Ep comes to an end with the faster track "Yaje" that lets you fly high before "Gaia" brings you back to earth, getting you totally absorbed by mother nature.
For Steffen Kirchhoff this EP is also the story of a new chapter in his life which is dedicated to making music and discovering the world and its inner spirit.

Steffen Kirchhoff, Yvonne Seelensangerin - Soulsong (Original Mix)
Steffen Kirchhoff - Native (Original Mix)
Steffen Kirchhoff - Yaje (Original Mix)
Steffen Kirchhoff - Gaia (Original Mix)