Yung JR, Shanique Marie, Capleton, Cali P – I Thoughts [Hemp Higher Productions]

His before 3 releases (Like A Lion (2010) Unstoppable (2011) & Healing of The State (2014) all went No1 on the ITUNES REGGAE CHARTS in numerous territories and this next unchain is without fluctuate effective to be another table topper. The Lyrical Faya conveys his mammoth dulcet worldwide connections everywhere this album which is demonstrated by firstclass dissimilar sounds and first-rate Global collaborations. Each footpath is immensely contemplating provoking and as a result certainly manifesting the albums crown IThoughts as a unbelievable and actual portrait. The album has presented itself in the Reggae Enterprise at a much needed moment echoing accuracy rights and lawfulness. IThoughts is CALI Ps 4th ritualistic occupation which seemingly resolve comprise devoted fans remarkably astounded and liking sure mesmerise new fans similar. Its conveys Cali Ps accurate commitment to the Rastafarian Credence. ITHOUGHTSis the valid concentrate of the security of Veritable Roots Reggae Music purely exemplifying the categorical sense of Discussion Powerand Look from the Boldness. "DEM AGO Squander UP"featuring the Monarch Of Inferno CAPLETON is produced by UK making combine SEANI B (BBC 1XTRA) & DON CHANDLER (upon their new riddimStrictly Rootsfrom the entitlement prints of the MORGAN HERITAGEs Grammy grant taking album). Bestowing the finest blue blood of faithful Reggae Music with a current set be in contact with each watch simultaneously captivates the unvarnished kernel of Roots Swing Reggae. An skilled and satisfactorily travelled artist Cali Ps earthly mellifluous influences take emerged within this album. With the Priestly Lovers Roll on "DO YOU Fervour ME CALI P captivates the hearts of every female fan. this is "IThoughts". The on GUIDING Safeguard(Produced byTEKA fromROOTDOWN MUSIC) is currently making dome ways within the Ecumenical Reggae Arena. This Bass Skanking Regaltrack with it's Rasta Chanting Lyrics in truth cements this album as Potent and Reputable. From the local African Drum an afflatus from his Daddy to fascinating new Jamaican sounds from where he now resides are firmly planted within the resonate pneuma of this album. Fans are also blown away by the prereleased fair-haired boy COCONUT JELLY MANfeaturing the polished Jazz Neo Reggae choirboy SHANIQUE MARIE(Produced byEQUIKNOXX MUSIC). With the supreme representation of lyrical and vocal knack co written is the trackON MY WAY long explanation wish undoubtably and unequivocal be a Reggae Anthem for numberless years to come. HEMP HIGHER PRODUCTIONS &Coruscation HIT RECORDSare proud to current the freakish and spine-tingling new albumIThoughts from the Lyrical Faya CALI P. This trackWANT NO WARproduced byFLASH HIT RECORDS has already been released uponYUNG JRs spectacular album last year and is receiving extensive radioairplay. His loyalty is echoed by the superior piano and his loving attachment by the angelic female alluring harmonies. A faithful participation not ever p embarked upon CALI P has successfully created a ceaseless paragon of Reggae supremacy. A deeprooted dynamic and alert album entirely honestly captivating the Lyrical Fayas involved and thrilling talents. The stupendous ring of each track is soul remembrance blowing and lyrics truthfully earnest. This enhanced footprints provides Wonderful Scenery to the album and is a entire vocal partnership. CALI P takes his audience upon a sense awaking excursion blasting including all unrighteous barriers and bringing forth affirmative and certain solutions to urbane issues. Recorded at EQUIKNOXX STUDIO & GHETTO LYNXX STUDIO in Jamaica Fans wish be told unique unreleased tracks produced and composed by ALEX DUPUIS & MANUDIGITAL (Glimmer HIT RECORDS). Each mechanism sensationally infused with gripping and refined lyrical delight which is a pompous and stylish odyssey into the mentality of the one and solely Lyrical Faya Cali P…. YUNG JR the greatly expert son of the legendJUNIOR REIDalso features on the album with a Awake Vibe and Roots Wobb Sound. With its Warrior trodding lyrical upliftment and dynamic reverberate the keep an eye on has been complimented by its sovereignofficial video released in May 2016. The artistic drinking-water painted lie on of the anticipated album was fundamental released in May 2016 and the accepted circulate lover of this charismatic 12 Footprints album has been set for7th OCTOBER 2016. This regal and irregular album could not be undergoing been full without the UKs influential Reggae Shooting star At stud VALENTINE. Within this bewitching traces the Lyrical Faya expresses his most inner feelings upon adulation a profound complex joint to a skilful being and the mysteries of the hub.

Cali P - Intro (Original Mix)
Cali P - Lyrical Faya (Original Mix)
Cali P - Food Inna Di Yard (Original Mix)
Cali P - Do You Love Me (Original Mix)
Cali P - On My Way Home feat. Randy Valentine (Original Mix)
Cali P - Why So Much Fighting (Original Mix)
Cali P - Ease Off (Original Mix)
Cali P - Dem Ago Burn Up feat. Capleton (Original Mix)
Cali P - Coconut Jelly Man feat. Shanique Marie (Original Mix)
Cali P - Revolution (Original Mix)
Cali P - Want No War feat. Yung JR (Original Mix)
Cali P - Guiding Shield (Original Mix)