Yukihiro Kanesaka, Kelvin Sylvester – Soul Rhythm [Vibe Boutique Records]

In adding up to Vibe Boutique Records, this duo has worked and released projects with assiduity movers such as Intellect Clap, Kon, Namy, Monday Michiru, Josh Milan and Kenny Dope. Together they bear collaborated to father a railroad merging intense Afro beats with sword drum effects, adding a Caribbean flavor to this innovative mix. You can't eschew but to be tired in by Inner Throb's hypnotic medium solos along with it's nimble measure that leaves you shoddy more. Vibe Boutique Records is proud to launch Boston-based Business/Intrigue,DJ Kelvin Sylvester along with multi-proficient Musician, Business and DJ, Yukihiro (Yuki) Kanesaka. This sparkling tone lifts you up, brightens your atmosphere and fills
your mortal with whole unanimity. Typification Throbbing brings together a cultural fusion of Afro Caribbean vibes that takes you on a uniquely incredible melodic wend on while keeping you striking on the hoof it overwhelm. This is finally a line you be obliged get in your summer
playlist rotation!

Kelvin Sylvester, Yukihiro Kanesaka - Soul Rhythm (Original Mix)
Kelvin Sylvester, Yukihiro Kanesaka - Soul Rhythm (Instrumental Mix)