Yost Koen, Leroy – The Bouncer Ep [Carioca]

Distributed by Strikeforce 360 Media Hailing from its mothership appellation Circus Recordings, Yousef resurfaces his adventitious escape hatch Carioca Records with a much more mellifluous propose to. Unalike Circus, Carioca is designed to be less of a symbol of Yousefs DJ sets, but somewhat break up a wider tuneful latitude, donation an chance to come out with more hypnotic household and techno, not again aimed the DJs, but in lieu of the music champion. Producing race music in 1994, Yost has brought his beginning burning act/dj mixture in clubs all on top of the set and p since 1998. Yost Koen, debuts on Carioca after 2 flush releases on Circus Recordings. Records, My Favorite Freaks (MFF), Vipp Agfa Recordings and numerous more… With liberate on including Circus Recordings, Capture!

Leroy, Yost Koen - Love O' Money (Original Mix)
Yost Koen - Neok Tsoy (Original Mix)
Yost Koen - The Bouncer (Original Mix)
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