Xiu Xiu, Kid Fourteen – Dream Kids Never Sleep [Ruptured ]

Kid Fourteen is the individual prepare of Khodor Ellaik, a mug musician born and bred in Beirut, and rightly considered as a spectacular anomaly in Lebanon's in another manner sour latest swing background. He has performed in a number of European festivals, including "Hatch" in Holland and "Waveteef" in Belgium. Ellaik's series of tuneful influences includes Joe Strummer from The Quarrel, Suicide's Alan Vega, and more recently Sleaford Mods and Alex Huang from Besmirched Beaches. Between 2010 and 2014, Ellaik was the frontman of punk keep Beirut Scum System and petite-lived publish-goon/no-tide accouterments Familiar Faces. All music and lyrics composed, written and performed by Khodor Ellaik, with the exclusion of:

Railroad 3, features Karim Chams Eddine on synth bass
Wake trace 5, music by Karim Chams Eddine
Track 7, features Karim Chams Eddine on guitar
Rails 10, remixed by Jamie Stewart

* All tracks tainted by Ziad Moukarzel and Khodor Ellaik
* Album mastering by Ziad Moukarzel
* Album artwork by Khodor Ellaik

* Layout by Maya Chami
* Produced by Khodor Ellaik, Ziad Nawfal [for Ruptured] and Fadi Tabbal [for Tunefork] Invest in abode in Beirut, he has organized famed concerts for principal worldwide bands such as Xiu Xiu and Spotted Beaches. Following these more ill-foreordained experiences and both bands' split in acrimonious circumstances, Ellaik adopted a unaccompanied aesthetic using a trivial set of synthesizers and drum machines, in pattern to s what became Kid Fourteen's trademark ring, an awesome mix of mug sensibilities and din-pop elements. Lebanese indie imprint Ruptured is producing a restricted run of 250 corporeal copies of the album, to be made for the artist's red-hot appearance during Wickerpark Holy day (Lebanon) in September 2016. Kid Fourteen's enter album "Fantasy Kids Not Beauty " was self-released digitally in June 2016.

Kid Fourteen - The Dancer (Original Mix)
Kid Fourteen - Fast Times In The Pleasure Land (Original Mix)
Kid Fourteen - It's A Lovely Night (Original Mix)
Kid Fourteen - Whirlwind Blues (Original Mix)
Kid Fourteen - Find Your Lover (Original Mix)
Kid Fourteen - The City Ways, The City Weighs (Original Mix)
Kid Fourteen - I Get Around All Day (Original Mix)
Kid Fourteen - Humphrey, It's A Pleasure Principle (Original Mix)
Kid Fourteen - I Wonder If My Father (Original Mix)
Kid Fourteen - Whirlwind Blues (Xiu Xiu Remix)