XCloud – The Strange Place [Gert Records]

Written and produced by XCloud. Owner & Executive producer Vito von Gert. We are open for cooperation, please refer to page officail: , ,
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

XCloud - Moments Of Spring (Original Mix)
XCloud - Memories About (Rework 2015)
XCloud - Two Moons (Original Mix)
XCloud - Early In The Morning (Rework 2015)
XCloud - Changeable World (Original Mix)
XCloud - Looking At The Night Sky (Original Mix)
XCloud - I Need To Love You (Original Mix)
XCloud - The First Contact (Original Mix)
XCloud - The Strange Place (Original Mix)
XCloud - Maybe This Is The End (Original Mix)
XCloud - They Fly Away From Us (Original Mix)
XCloud - Lonely Cold Sea (Album Version)
XCloud - Fight For Life (Original Mix)
XCloud - The Strange Place (Continuous Dj Mix)