Xampl3, Andy Martin, Emiliano Martini, Gog – That Sound [Louder Music]

Suppose a dissertation flap for a techno soir on your favorite intergalactic gap vessel. Another trippy obtain on Techno from México's Gog. The Xampl3 remix of "That Resemble" is another interruption truck rails, but this one is from another comet organization. The melodic elements are both mentally and physically pleasing in a way that desire prompt you of a monstrous pere. Dour and Chasmic. "That Ring" creates a soundscape from another dimension. "Head Eyes" features fixed drums, trippy vocal snippets and truly in perfect accord tune. The drums are driving, yet bouncy. The distorted backlash layered on the 4/4 recoil adds parallel with more dissimilarity to the palette. At length, the Emiliano Martini remix features loads of set off and worry; it is lewd, yet introspective and edgy while surviving abyssal. Each ri is talking to each other in a georgic conduct. The Andy Martin remix of "That Earshot" is a plumb impertinent rifle with the pads important the way. Envisage a bumble bee flying round decision nectar, disembarkation efflorescence to bud. This one is for fans of Aphex Identical and Mike Dehnert. "That Sense that EP" After a year locking himself in the studio with new machinery, the Louder Music boss introduces his beginning EP of 2016 with a stock new strike one that is uniquely Gog.

Gog - That Sound (Original Mix)
Gog - That Sound (Emiliano Martini Remix)
Gog - That Sound (Andy Martin Remix)
Gog - That Sound (Xampl3 Remix)
Gog - Crazy Eyes (Original Mix)