Wunderblock, Regulär – Weltschmerz [Wunderblock Records]

Distributed by Triple View [NL]. Artwork by Magicbelka. Mastered by Michael Teploff @ Principi Di Musica, Moscow, Russia. The rare dubbed out remix by Wunderblock completes the strong perfect. Route 5 remixed by Michael Teploff for Wunderblock. All rights distant. [p][c] 2016 Wunderblock Records [WR038] Look like of Fixed is abrasive and limpid at the constant point, it combines burly industrial skeleton and dreary dissociative soundscapes, and at all it can draw a tru weighty disfigure to techno floors and peradventure straight to some minds. All tracks are written & produced by Fixed. Wunderblock Records presents a new breakthrough design Familiar. Copyright oversee. The artist behind it is unknown, we exclusively differentiate to him that he's from , and this benumbing mini-album called Weltschmerz commitment be his younger issue.

Regulär - Weltschmerz Part 1 (Original Mix)
Regulär - Weltschmerz Part 2 (Original Mix)
Regulär - Weltschmerz Part 3 (Original Mix)
Regulär - Weltschmerz Part 4 (Original Mix)
Regulär - Weltschmerz Part 3 (Wunderblock LowFlowDub)
Regulär - Weltschmerz Part 5 (Original Mix)