Wood Martin, Alessandro Mogarelli – Shadeless [Not Like U]

This special EP, 'Shadeless', is made to build people sashay, as incredibly to protect affluent at an after cocktail with this mysterious & techno bass and arps to exhort the intuition stem inclusive of the tenebrousness. In the gone 4 years they've advanced their careers as producers & DJ's, and now maintain they're nickname Not LIke U, and showing people how to build tracks distinguishable but groovy with an all analogue resonate. From the onset of the duo of Alessandro Mogarelli & Wood Martin were bring to a close friends making music in a mignonne studio where they started to betterment and began signing with supranational labels.

Alessandro Mogarelli, Wood Martin - After Life (Original Mix)
Alessandro Mogarelli, Wood Martin - Shadeless (Original Mix)