Wolf Story, Benno Blome, Andrea Fissore – Dahlias [Tulipa Recordings]

Benno Blome and Wolf Narrative create grand renditions of the adapt by entwining their own visions of the creative with metaphysical expressions. After hypnotic melodies are performed for a planetary audience, the notes lower between the swaying needles of incandescent pine trees. Andrea Fissore grows a experience of Dahlias in the Tulipa gardens and from amid these comely flowers sprouts a marked one of inexplicable power. Her one era faded. Double drakes. Wild hive. The framed spindle. A reddened soliloquy bouncing in the dust. An unheard rendition of herself. Poking passion middle of the bravery and flipping the frond. The dahlia reaches toward the moon while other plants peacefully hum an happy euphoniousness for the sunset sky. Collect the soup. Briny cheer spilled on the hedge. Cant run reversed apace upstream. Million dissimilar sanctions. Thirty reasons to hop like a youth superstar. He fled the banks until the exemplar went below. Sonnet apartment. The virgin homecoming. 2016 Tulipa Recordings

Artwork by Justin Chodzko
Words by Summer (Brendon Collins) Boa constrictor theory. Quenched lion felt abundance when whacked.

Andrea Fissore - Dahlias (Original Mix)
Andrea Fissore - Dahlias (Benno Blome's Hypnotic Programming Remix)
Andrea Fissore - Dahlias (Wolf Story Remix)