Wirrwarr, Scøpe, M.Ø.D.U.L – Mdl Ep [Analog Section Records]

honest starting Analog Cut up presents its digital series, a concept which exchange more expanse to chauvinistic and ecumenical artists. The retailing of M.Ø. The MDL EP launch from the dour mountains from another people sounds modular and stria percussions for the sashay bring down. Two initial tracks genuinely dismal with two surprising remixes from the italian duo Wirrwarr and unwell remix from the south of korea made by Scøpe. For the leading hand out of this series , we possess the Colombian artist and anonymous M.Ø..

M.Ø.D.U.L - MDL001 (Original Mix)
M.Ø.D.U.L - MDL001 (Scøpe Remix)
M.Ø.D.U.L - MDL002 (Original Mix)
M.Ø.D.U.L - MDL002 (Wirrwarr Remoduled Remix)