Weltschmerz – Techno Kosatka [Complatt]

Margo aka Techno Kosatka has become an inspirational element for Weltschmerz's music nowadays. He could hardly remember anyone able to impress him so far by never-ending energy, artistic abilities and beauty of course. This mega album is fully devoted to her. The combination of extreme levels of love, sense, fat sound and musicality makes Techno Kosatka album something extraordinary in minimal techno world. Check those 5 tracks out. Let warm sound be at your place with Complatt and Weltschmerz.

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Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

Weltschmerz - Making Things Better (Original Mix)
Weltschmerz - Mini Blues (Original Mix)
Weltschmerz - Posle Rodni v Ambar (Original Mix)
Weltschmerz - She's Gone For Better Life (Original Mix)
Weltschmerz - When You Never Say Goodbye (Original Mix)