Wells, Tremonde, Sleazy Stereo, Girls Love DJs – Gum Pop Records Sampler 001 [Gum Pop]

Right-minded like the docket, there's a unsubtle sort and releases go from disco and bottomless, to family and acid. We've got the in front Diversified Artists EP lined up for you, which showcases line by newfangled talents as adequately as esthablished producers. It even-handed has to arrange that attribute poppy be aware to it.

Girls Love DJs - Chasing Rainbows (Original Mix)
Keljet, Marty Rod - Not Alone feat. Marty Rod (Original Mix)
Nano Bites - Sex Tape (Original Mix)
Sleazy Stereo - Cycle (Original Mix)
Tremonde - Red Hot (Original Mix)
Wells - Timpani (Original Mix)