Weird Sounding Dude – Condensed Math [Bullfinch]

The maiden spoor "Condensed" is a dancing party down destroyer with melodic elements mobile help of out the spectrum backed up with slamming grooves, flawless for tip occasion. Queer Sounding Macaroni is the change-ego of Indian based Music Processor/DJ Abhijith Hegde. Mastering by Bullfinch Audio Artwork by Kapshul
vitaly. He makes his launch put out on Bullfinch with an EP titled "Condensed Math". The next watch "Math" contains a unusually mystical melodic vibe backed up with a catchy melodic riff followed with abundant stabs and a percussive cut, matchless for to get the romp storey grooving.

Weird Sounding Dude - Condensed (Original Mix)
Weird Sounding Dude - Math (Original Mix)