Weekend Department, Echo Babylon, Becky Becky – Tigers Are Better-looking [Personal Theatre]

Beforehand reinforce comes from Sasha, Jimmy Van M, Steve Parry, Chris Fortier, Denis A

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Becky Becky Biog

Becky Becky are literary-inspired electro-synth pop duo Gemma L Williams & Peter J D Mason. Its a bomb. Newspaper stabs, 303s & vocal snippets. Past comprehension. 12 years later, after it is possible that the longest hiatus in recording retelling, theyre sponsor with new In person Coliseum releases. Bosom Opera house – Sticker Biog

Familiar The stage started mortal assist in 2003. They released their senior album 'Adequate Morning, Midnight' in 2015 & followed it up in 2016 'In Praise of 'Tight-lipped Bawl', a chuck-full 11 slot shelter album of The Stab's 'Reticent Bellow', celebrating the originals 10 year anniversary. They just always released 2 tracks, both by the Buggins produced Mango Trasher. Buggins had principled toured the planet as Acid Rockers promoting his 'Memory Set' album on psy rapture description Crestfallen Lodge. Thompson was monthly residing DJ at Cream & Gatecrasher as excellently as meet his own sorority night-time Handle & had recently been included in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ's survey. Having successfully remixed Highlands 'No Way Out' for Dave Seaman' s Audio Analysis trade mark, the join created Familiar Thespi as an loophole for new music. Reflection Babylon use the satiated vocal, marching drum loops & hooky riffs. Distributed by Strikeforce 360 Media 'Tigers Are Sick-Looking' is one of the standout tracks from Becky Becky's premiere album 'Commendable Morning, Midnight'. Weekend Bureau taker things on a darker, dubbier tip. Intemperate fresh to 2013 and the match up started working together again, most surprisingl remixing Daughters 'Warmth' – declared remix of the year 2014 by Dave Seaman. Here we be struck by a yoke of divine remixes from Critical Dramatic artists Resound Babylon & Weekend Section. The 4th let go on Individual Dramaturgy comes from 6 Music favourites Becky Becky aka Gemma L Williams & Peter JD Mason. At the period, Preston residents Matt Buggins & George Thompson were flying outrageous in the electronic music life.

Becky Becky - Tigers Are Better-Looking (Echo Babylon Remix)
Becky Becky - Tigers Are Better-Looking (Weekend Department Remix)