We Drop – Battle Scars Ep [Impossible Records]

Alluring on all forms of bass music, starting with dnb, and now producing cutting limit cross bass music, these two are transmittable prominence from producers existence sizeable. Distributed By Symphonic Parcelling – Coming in hot with their inferior merchandise EP with Ridiculous Records, is South African bass slaying duo, 'We Bead'. These under age producers, who also upon to be brothers, lure a zephyr of original air to todays dubstep sphere. You about it's current to be heady glitch-hop, but then it morphs into a odious, unwashed, dubstep bit. Each tale is accompanied by their own bodily vocals hyping you up as you obey along and contribution words of enlightenment to reprimand think about on. Just out of the crowd, 'The Conflict with' sets up this EP with magnificently constructed keyboards, flowing into a ghoulish glitch hop manner, tunefulness and believe. Lastly, and our actual favorite, 'Debilitated Bones' hits all the accurate places of mongrel ploy n bass. In excess of to wild, this is without a disbelieve a valid crumpet banging EP. This keep an eye on has 808 kicks, snares and hats mongrel with bellicose outrageous leads all while maintaining their signature bass tones and flush mixing make. 'With the Rush' sets the step for this jammin' EP with limitless vibe, and 'We Declivity's skillfully crafted dubstep and dnb forging fad.

We Drop - The Fight (Original Mix)
We Drop - With The Flow (Original Mix)
We Drop - Broken Bones (Original Mix)