Waveform, Maitika, Christopher Lawrence, Daniel Lesden – Another Earth Remixed [Digital Om]

This whopping remixes EP brings you barbaric, hi-tech and psychedelic vibe, a genuine go into to the alternative state of semi-consciousness lovers out there…. Another Sod EP has been from the first released on Digital Om Productions in 2015, and now this Sci-Fi roman-fleuve returns jam-packed with distinguished remixes. Each with his own unparalleled elegance, on remix duties we receive Exaltation Inscription Christopher Lawrence, labels power duo Maitika and greek continuous overseer Waveform as OK as Daniel Lesden's own rework.

Daniel Lesden - Another Earth (2016 Mix)
Daniel Lesden - Another Earth (Christopher Lawrence Remix)
Daniel Lesden - Ignition (Maitika Remix)
Daniel Lesden - Ignition (Waveform Remix)