WarinD, Shcuro, Shadowcomplex – Metalworking [Green Fetish Records]

Expanding on its concept we maintain added 2 remixes from Sombra boss – Shcuro and WainD. GFR041 Welcomes Shadowcomplex to our designation kinsfolk with a unmanageable hitting 3 railroad primary EP exploring an industrial chapter stalked by fright and vagueness, constantly bringing you saucy to unabridged a labyrinth, the music honestly does stand out. Profit from this turn loose.

Shadowcomplex - Metalworking (Original Mix)
Shadowcomplex - Scare Tactics (Original Mix)
Shadowcomplex - Magnitude (Original Mix)
Shadowcomplex - Scare Tactics (Shcuro Infiltration Tactic Remix)
Shadowcomplex - Magnitude (WarinD Remix)