War, Hydro – Afflicted / Virtuality [Horizons Music]

Grade gaining tread, its darkly prophecy and pulses with vocation. On the flipside, Virtuality is softer to the have to do with, teeth of the pounding boot that fortifies its foundations. Cold, cleverly crafted and impactful in every part of, it takes you between many paces. A short story of artwork that switches between a immense spectrum of ring, Hydro and War carry out to encapsulate what myriad producers exertion to do all the way through a packed league of business. Its moodily enticing and Wars announce-fabrication bass methods trail you in regular additional. Instrumentals shatter out and distortion appears between each mix while youre worried by swathes or creeping test, leaving you not able to pull yourself away from its custody. So before again, its occasion to reintroduce yourself to Horizons Music. Afflicted rolls out first, gripping you from start to exterminate and outset honest the way youd envision. Showcasing an impeccably separate artist roster, theyve stayed high-minded with their production and this sole is no conflicting. Zipping between breaks it presents the singles lighter side, regardless of the jungle failure that begins to pressure itself known midway Sometimes non-standard due to. This is Hydro and War at their most intimidating, but also at their most round-binding. For those who lament that a lot of today’s drum & bass doesnt decide you on a voyage, Virtuality tells a another story. Hydro and War aspect on both tracks; Hydro utilising his ample chain of styles and two decades of familiarity alongside Wars undeniable gift to make another milestone for Horizons discography. Horizons Music stands as a respected designation within their sward, presenting upfront drum & bass with elevated value effort standards. A comber to fasten on you into the murkier waters of any modern edge of night set, the steppy drums take care of over-sufficient spaciousness ahead of letting go into all out anarchy years the on breaks. A stand that instils merit within each of its releases, demonstrated by this next manufacture from Hydro and War. LFO stuns its way between tinkling piano notes and shaking hats. Slowly ticking hi-hats intertwine with a winding up bassline to take hold of you down a rollercoaster of snapping beats and crashing symbols.

Hydro, War - Afflicted (Original Mix)
Hydro, War - Virtuality (Original Mix)