Wake, Daniel Ruane – Lakes [Proximal]

These recordings make ambience to his compositions, each keep up with striving to nick the impression of a tribute. From these recordings, Ruane utilized sounds that reach from the squeal of a 'kissing gateway' to the gigantic energy of the AVRO Vulcan clandestineness bomber's newest fly-by. All songs written & recorded by Daniel Ruane except way 7 remixed by Wake / Bass Guitar on "Lakes" by Shay Maguire Additional vocals on "Entrance" by Jessica Likely / Mastered by Wake & Sahy Uhns / Hide likeness by Jody Hartley / Shield typography by Megan Dailey / Official Produced by Jeff Elmassian, MC Finney & Sahy Uhns
Proximal Records C 2016 Daniel Ruane's, Lakes EP is crafted from ground recordings made during a transformative voyage he took about Derwentwater, organize in the Lake Quarter Nationalistic Parkland in north west England. As a revelation set off to the common recordings, peppered wholly "Lakes" are bits and pieces of chin-wag between Ruane and his companions on the pere.

Daniel Ruane - Lakes (Original Mix)
Daniel Ruane - Shatter (Original Mix)
Daniel Ruane - Hill (Original Mix)
Daniel Ruane - Glaramara (Original Mix)
Daniel Ruane - Gate (Original Mix)
Daniel Ruane - Cut Trails (Original Mix)
Daniel Ruane - Shatter (Original Mix)