Wahono, Michele Chiavarini, Jamie Aditya, Larry A – Get Down With It [Magnolia Street Records]

Tops with Jamie's distinct bluesy vocals, that lit up this road far more from it's kindliness elements. Included in the disenthral is the remix by one of the most solid working producers, Michele Chiavarini (Quantize Recordings) that is unfixed, rolling in it and defines all that we be out of a sincere ancestry railway. Larry A Featuring Jamie Aditya – Get Down With It (Interest.1)

Produced by Lawrence Aswin
Composed by Lawrence Aswin & Jamie Aditya
Vocal & Lyrics by Jamie Aditya
Recorded, Mix & Mastered at Echo Village Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia by Lawrence Aswin
Remix by Michele Chiavarini & Wahono
Artwork by Janice Susanto
Published by Magnolia Thoroughfare Records
Catalogue Few MSR007 Since then, they worked together respective times and it was peaked on 'Get Down With It'

This deliver marks Larry A's trademark fervent/profound descendants roots, that implements an contagious and immense rifling. The Jakarta based Magnolia Circle Records is on a former occasion again releasing it's signature din on this spoor titled 'Get Down With It'

The collaboration between Larry A and Jamie Aditya started when Larry was asked to put the finishing touches on some of the tracks for Jamie's in front album (LMNOP) aba in 2008. Also included in this hand out is the Wahono remix that takes a novel overtures to breakbeat/speculative but tranquil maintains to turn around our heads with his chopped vocal hooks.

Larry A, Jamie Aditya - Get Down With It (Original Mix)
Larry A, Jamie Aditya - Get Down With It (Michele Chiavarini Remix)
Larry A, Jamie Aditya - Get Down With It (Wahono Reconstructed Remix)