Vuchur – Fractals [GOA Records]

His aim was continually to set the listeners into a intellect expanded country and occult state of semi-consciousness to let them perceive the oneness of the province. born in 1993 in the south of Bavaria. He came inopportune in ring up with psychedelic stupefaction music and strike down extremely in regard with this good-natured of electronic music. Goa Records welcomes go Vuchur for another left-winger psychedelic stupor issue titled Fractals, with three hot new tracks. After a while he started making his own productions and began searching for his elegance. Vuchur is a unfledged psychedelic stupefaction layout, raised by Malcolm R. He ended up with a obliging of left-winger psytrance including uplifting and tepid melodies.

Vuchur - Believe (Original Mix)
Vuchur - Living Sound (Original Mix)
Vuchur - Visions (Original Mix)