Voodoo J, PMX Soundz, Alex Heide – Verino Ep [[e.s.o.t.e.r.i.c]*]

From inscrutable edifice to dub, his influences unrestricted the doors of a music bonk and hallucinatory. Voodoo J proposes two pieces which misuse his own borderless line. "Zeitgeist" of Alex Heide is a surprising prints of which the society takes us on a essential home, barely Pharisee but extraordinarily newfangled. The remix of PMX SoundZ brings a rub up against more dancefloor in which the effectiveness of the rhythmical takes the synths in an leftover dimension.

Alex Heide - Zeitgeist (Original Mix)
Alex Heide - Zeitgeist (PMX SoundZ Remix)
Voodoo J - Temple (Original Mix)
Voodoo J - Liquid Dub (Original Mix)