Vivanti, Veltero, Valefim Planet, SamNSK – Sliver Recordings: Progressive House Collection, Vol.8 [SLiVER Recordings]

Many Artists – Shaving Recordings: Increasing Abode Amassment, Vol.8 is the latest set on Slip Recordings.Electronic music – an extraordinary symbiosis of cultural traditions from surroundin the people

SamNSK - Sin (Original Mix)
Miron4uk - The Way Forward (Original Mix)
SeaNator - Happy New Year 2015 (Original Mix)
TIMUR HARTMANN - Comedy Is Over (Original Mix)
Vadim YuzbasheV - Aciiid (Original Mix)
Zhukhevich - Entuziast ?5 (Original Mix)
Valefim Planet - Jump Into The Abyss (Original Mix)
Veltero - Light Room (Original Mix)
Vivanti - The Love (Original Mix)
Zhukhevich - Poezia (Original Mix)