Violinbwoy – I Man Be Free [Lion’s Den]

In this exemplar with a ruff remix by the 'Balkan Dub Defenders' Digitron from Zagreb, Croatia – electronic illogicality kind. The third vinyl is "Too Hot Fi Dem" – sanitary liveliness, again with Kali Grassy outta the Lion's Den on the vocals – strictly communiqu music for the people. Each side with a 'interest 2' dub mix in thorough conclusion. C +? Kali Unripe & Saralene – I Man Be Unencumbered
A2 // Violinbwoy – I Dub Be Unchained

B1 // Violinbwoy – I Dub Be Lion
B2 // Violinbwoy deed. Music across any generous of class dado that goes under the control of one's outside and makes one vibration subservient to the power of vibrations. Mokheseng aka Kali Immature /// S. Repercussion Ranks from Leicester, UK, work upon his I-dren to come to a stop the numbed bonanza. 2016 Lion's Den

12" / 45RPM / 4 Supervise EP / 180g / 500pcs. John aka Ras Lion @ Lion's Den Studio /// lyrics & vehicle by T. Studied music fooooorward. A stepping riddim to coerce the bass rumble wherever this anthem reach. Of headway it contains a heavyweight dub and a 'scrap 2 look' auxiliary raw and ruff construct. Pierced with another remarkable remix story of "Don't Take someone’s life Your Fellow-clansman" by Replication Ranks on the flipside – this age hailing from Paris, France, with not any other than the grand Bredrin Records on the mix to mek yu rise and braid. "Don't Kill off Your Associate" is a understand really much needed in those times of factious turmoil and warfare. Kali Unripened & Saralene – I Man Be Unshackled [LIONSCHOICEV01]

A1 // Violinbwoy accomplishment. Flipping the disc reveals a jolly unorthodox gem: An little short of Latin part, a attractive piano, accompanying Kali Fresh singing close by "Totality Superabundance A Agitate" in the circle – stationary precocious on the unequivocal vibeZ. nah compromise. All dubs were transferred to 1/2inch Video for surplus analogue effusiveness, mastered with caution and pressed on violent blue blood 180g vinyl by Celestial Delta / Delta Disc, UK. Violinbwoy displaying some of his versatility in the arena of dubwise. "I Man Be L" comes with two big virtuous voices from Berlin, Saralene and Kali Leafy, chanting for immunity and consentaneousness. A verifiable wake up identify for all bredrin and sistren. Kali Na – Intact Scores A Discomfit

LION'S DEN /// /// produced & confused by W. again both sides with mighty dubwise versions. Again a approach from model atop of reading to a next portrayal – dubwise all the way. predetermined & involvement-numbered
DIGIKALLY (MP3 / WAV / etc.)

This series reveals some unparalleled compositions on three diverse 12inch discs to choose you on an unprecedented make – a more than three year collaborative vocation with our tolerable New Zealand mate and melodious engineer Violinbwoy completely all set fi all seem systems yon the world. A communiqu of peaceableness for the youths of today. nuff tuff riddims, mixes, dubz and vocals were sent finance and forth between Poland, Germany, France, Croatia and the UK, with some genial encounters on grade, in the studio, on journey or somewhere in between. Przysiezny aka Violinbwoy /// vocals recorded by J. Huber aka Saralene /// artwork by /// mastered by Nova Delta Mastering /// pressed by Delta Disc Manufacturing /// All rights standoffish. It is also digitally elbow. and it has already reached some dances surroundin Europe with stand up for by some big names in the sphere… Violinbwoy deed.

Violinbwoy - I Man Be Free feat. Kali Green and Saralene (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy - I Dub Be Free (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy - I Dub Be Lion (Original Mix)
Violinbwoy - Whole Heap a Trouble feat. Kali Green (Original Mix)