Violence, XHOSA, Abyss X – Nushu [Infinite Machine]

Nushu is primary "hubbub" trappings. "The appear was not designed to be digestible, without considering its futuristic constitution it doesn't crumple into the smooth production and ring norm of the now "to be to come club" type. Abyss X's debut mini album is a Lawlessness piece. It's inscription's drift is imprinted on every spoor. Its like a speech that you can't unqualifiedly grasp but it speaks the accuracy and you can feel it in your gut. Nushu is not here to humour the ear, quite the facing, the tracks are there to occasion a sense of nuisance but also to act as a means to unloose emotions of vexation and frustration.

Abyss X - AMADEUS (Original Mix)
Abyss X - Summon (Original Mix)
Abyss X - Couldn't Care Less (Original Mix)
Abyss X - WWW BODY (Original Mix)
Abyss X - She Bruise (Original Mix)
Abyss X, XHOSA - Esoterrorism? II (feat. XHOSA) (Original Mix)
Violence, Abyss X - She Bruise II (feat. Violence) (Original Mix)
Abyss X - KIKT (Original Mix)