Vinyl Williams – Brunei [Company Records]

"Astral Gold's" comprehensive-bodied clique flies round with a pillow of synthesizer sounds that go like clouds in the bombast. The shoegaze icon added four-share vocal harmonies and a fluffy synth responsibility to unalloyed the long story. "I dream we played every synthesizer that Chaz owns on that one tale," Lionel says, laughing. Troop Records appellation noodle and Toro Y Moi/Les Sins devise Chaz Bundick recorded "Evol" at his Berkeley studio with Lionel and guitarist Ian Gibbs. "Voidless," a Hawkwind-like improvisational wake trace, was upraised with the keep from of Cure-all's Brad Laner. The center of Brunei is a gem of aural delights. Brunei opens as if at the ancestry of a new galaxy with the cosmically unagitated "Ion," which seamlessly transitions to the persistent krautrock of "Riddles of the Sphinx." That railway's refrain, "try to be aware," marks a wide-rangi fight. Across the album, the songs use a system of Arabic section-stress vocal techniques, layered on top of stretched-out jazz chords and fleet-driving beats.

Vinyl Williams - Ion (Original Mix)
Vinyl Williams - Riddles of the Sphinx (Original Mix)
Vinyl Williams - Feedback Delicates (Original Mix)
Vinyl Williams - L'Quasar (Original Mix)
Vinyl Williams - Celestial Gold (Original Mix)
Vinyl Williams - Evol  (Original Mix)
Vinyl Williams - Voidless (Original Mix)
Vinyl Williams - Mercurial Vestiges (Original Mix)
Vinyl Williams - The Presence of Absence (Original Mix)
Vinyl Williams - Emerald Isle (Original Mix)
Vinyl Williams - Aboroun (Original Mix)