Vincent Hiest, Digital Session, Elay Lazutkin, Kardinal – Blue Gravity [Electrovino Records]

Summertime has finally arrived!

We are excited to announce the 31st opus on Electrovino Records. Indeed, the team is delighted to once again welcome the French duo Lowkey & Kardinal from Burgundy. Living up to their notoriety, they have given us a monumental original mix under the name of Blue Gravity. This bomb includes a captivating synth that will make you go out of mind. Big time for sure!

As a rule, we have appealed to high quality artists to remix this techno gem!

First of all, the Italian duo NHB. They signed to record labels such as Alleanza, Phobiq, among others. They have delivered a colossal reinterpretion with a hard-hitting groove, which creates a different dimension from the original mix.

Secondly, the Russian Elay Lazutkin. The boss of Sync Fx Audio has offered a totally different ambience with his own techno style, which makes a truly unique remix and we absolutely love it!

To finish off this release, Vincent Hiest & Digital Session have also reworked Blue Gravity. Relentlessly driving with a darker edge, their remix is as effective as the original version. They nailed it!

Enjoy the music with Electrovino Records!

Kardinal, Lowkey - Blue Gravity (Original Mix)
Kardinal, Lowkey - Blue Gravity (NHB Remix)
Kardinal, Lowkey - Blue Gravity (Elay Lazutkin Remix)
Kardinal, Lowkey - Blue Gravity (Vincent Hiest & Digital Session Remix)