Vince Schuld, Craig London, Daissen ‘n’ Witches – Dina [Stories In Trance]

Matt Carter / Thomas Carter
Stories In Stupor Because of this, and on high all, we are proud to put them out there. Vince is assist on remix duties after his landmark Minion EP (SIT 133) and he showcases the packed smorgasbord of his lyrical power with this splendid remix. SIT anchor to windward Craig backs up his most brand-new genuine Crystal Forest (SIT 138) with yet another superior remix, rethinking the keep an eye on with his common animated flavours, expertly blending an quarrelsome yet melodic touch, balanced unequivocally with mesmeric melodic and atmospheric touches. Another discharge that one time again shows why Stories In Semi-conscious is the most distinctive and proper brand in dream state. Unexceptionally driven by the ideals that we started out with and our still vitriolic notice to fact, we promote self-determination of pronouncement from all knotty in our projects. The brawny dispose tunefulness is underpinned by a originative and single form added to the extensive overflowing with lows making this a divergent monitor that works as a big option to the real mix. Firstly we be enduring the primary mix. Stories In Daze close SIT 139 by Daissen 'n' Witches with the three track lone Dina. Our Edda continues… Giving debuts to newcomers is something that is influence of the cloth of SIT, and we're at it at one time again with this new duo. As is now exemplar with Craig's industry the all-embracing construction tack is of the highest value, and again finished off by the mastering skills of Dan Garton, this is another unbelievable donation from an damned proficient artist. The end development is pure, unalloyed creativity. Sandra & Matthias Hamann, included their Daissen 'n' Witches moniker, start their creation m with Dina. A skilful and moving sliver of daze that embraces a brawny melodic fondle, entirely complimented by an continually riveting organization and poignant atmospherics. The key of two remixes comes from Craig London. Superlatively finished off by the mastering merit of Dan Garton it all adds up to a extravagant pursue and a mythical way to start their melodic travel. Rounding off this exciting parcel is the Vince Schuld remix.

Daissen 'n' Witches - Dina (Original Mix)
Daissen 'n' Witches - Dina (Craig London Remix)
Daissen 'n' Witches - Dina (Vince Schuld Remix)