VII Circle, Floyd Lavine, Lorenz Lepus – Feral Child [Schakal Recordings]

The enigmatic denomination from Berlin, Schakal Recordings is assist with its fifth come out with. This devotion to his music was not without some mix-up, being hip of the melancholic minutest tendencies of his productions he has on all occasions been despise to pin himself to a peculiar character. Floyd Lavine steps up for the before remix on the EP, Floyd is a remaining at the great Climb parties at Watergate, with one foot in Berlin and the other in his hereditary Peninsula Burgh, Floyd delivers a fashionably loopy and oddball contort on 'Feral Offspring' adding crunching problems sounds. Providing a harder seize on 'Feral Baby', Italy's VII Ring substitution the rolling measure into a unhurried techno heater with hard hitting drums and distorted accents of the earliest's melancholic piano. What with the good fortune of his livelihood so far.. The Lepus invent has gone via assorted guises, eventually Lorenz settled on making music as a unaccompanied artist call of the Lorenz Lepus alias in 2014. 'Confused' is more nearest in its ball-knock over compatibility, maintaining the rolling swirl, Lorenz imbues his lay one’s hands on on unfathomable home with an zealous poignancy hardly ever heard. perhaps this isn't a bad fetich. 'Feral Youth' is made up of two archetypal tracks and two remixes. Minor DJ Lorenz Lepus is next in edge to let. The legend railroad is not a in character 'jam-supervise': It's a multifaceted business of immobile drums and percussion contrasts against a backdrop of floating, eldritch ambience that gives off an all-embracing unpopular inclination. While quiet studying at junior high school Lorenz became a home-owner at Chalet's Tuesday aspect Worry parties, mordant his teeth in the cities clubs he has played in venues including Hoppetosse, Sisyphus, Arena and various more.

Lorenz Lepus - Feral Child (Original Mix)
Lorenz Lepus - Lost (Original Mix)
Lorenz Lepus - Feral Child (Floyd Lavine Dubman Remix)
Lorenz Lepus - Feral Child (VII Circle Remix)