Victor Vilchez – Space B52 [Mona Records]

Playa de los Muertos, Cala de Enmedio, Genoveses, Cala Monsul …

We assumption you take to …
Since the 2nd Everybody War did not cacophony these sirens redeemed to pay laudation to all lone rangers, astronauts, pirates and cowboys great Almeriense West, from Pubs, Los Escullos, San Pedro and San Jose inaugurate this euphonious countryside with a meteor abundance on our heads …
Mona Records (C) 2016 Mastering by Sudblock Studios.
We are listening to these rhythms by Almeria with Prizewinner Vilchez.
Accommodation B52 is the notability Prizewinner Vilchez from Almeria puts his new Ep on Mona Records.

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