Victor Ruiz, Guy Mantzur, Monkey Safari – Boris [Hommage]

Their next four-trail EP shows the brothers' more important, grownup side, delightful new risks with no vocals, utilizing wo spaces and slower buildups. Additionally, Brazilian grower Prizewinner Ruiz's up-thrash and complex remix of 'Ruse' is not to be missed. We look pushy to seeing what they approach out with next! The alternate trail, 'Tergiversate,' takes listeners on a veiled career playing with obscure ambient sounds and a down that makes your quintessence fleetness up. 'Boris' showcases gent lodge music: dismal and sweaty Tech Line with a hypnotic entwine. 'Boris' is the mirror up to their moneymaking mega-EP, 'Bernstein,' released in June, with remixes by John Digweed & Go Muir and UNER. Tel Aviv-based fabricator Guy Mantzur (Kompakt / Bedrock / Diynamic) drops his hypnotic and alluring remix of 'Boris,' absurd not to get baffled in. Out with their third EP of 2016, this August Ass Safari when one pleases let off 'Boris,' with remixes by Guy Mantzur and Champion Ruiz, showing the the public definitel again that these guys aren't messing surroundin. Rascal Safari's inscription to their artfulness is captivating the regard of persistence dignitaries and fans way with their predictable releases and non-cease oecumenical touring. In the elementary way of the EP, self-titled 'Boris,' Sven and Lars go stable deeper into their brown study track bridging on the darker side of Techno.

Monkey Safari - Boris (Original Mix)
Monkey Safari - Dodge (Original Mix)
Monkey Safari - Boris (Guy Mantzur Remix)
Monkey Safari - Dodge (Victor Ruiz Remix)