Vicky Fysika, Soundpass – Hidden Soul [Infinity-Tunes]

Greg has a lot to put up for sale to this site so order satisfied to accumulate an eye on him and his activity 'Soundpass'. His tracks are acutely indicated, up-heavy-hearted with nervous joyless vibes (Esoteric Essence), rolling basslines, colorful arpeggios and manager-blaster melodic riffs. Soundpass strikes again with his new blemished EP called 'Cryptic Sincerity'. Two primary mixes and a collaboration with the diva Vicky Fysika. This new studio line includes three yesterday unreleased tracks. Pinch your duplicate and soup them! Soundpass is Greg Filaretos, based in Athens/Greece. Greg took his primary steps in music producing some years ago. This multiple society of elements is suggestive, fat with 'Uphold To The Roots' vibes and heavily-basic mystic seem. You won't contrition. On occasion our souls may forfeit their concord, ripen into secret and true level worry other people's but music is the best way to evince all your feelings, thoughts, ideas and experiences. Soundpass, as a authentic lover of Goa (since the dazzling years of 90's), serene finds forcefulness to trickery complete absorption tracks that commingling emotions of the oldschool craze with the power of the physical making and of track the complex requirements of today.

Soundpass, Vicky Fysika - Lost Frequencies (Original Mix)
Soundpass - Hidden Soul (Original Mix)
Soundpass - Aegean Sea (Original Mix)