Vick Flick, Ishfahan Farid, Sidney Dale, Midas Touch – Big Deal! Weinberger Funk Library Uk 1975-79 [Sonorama Records]

Daisy funk compilation total of highlights from the music archives of Josef Weinberger Ltd. in London, pulled from the most noted library albums on labels like JW (Josef Weinberger/ Essay Music), IA (Reach) or PM (List Music). Primary abstract of 16 out of the window tracks by Toni Campo, Midas Rub up against, Trevor Bastow, Sidney Dale or Vick Flick, oscillating between jazz-funk, sincerity music, proto techno and eastern-tinged disco, with unencumbered drum breaks, fat bass lines and masses of horns/ wah wah/ organs/ vibes/ flutes/ electronic effects. Recorded from the kingpin tapes, restored and mastered 2016 for 6-Side-Digipack-CD and small vinyl LP, comparable to the most beneficent works of KPM, De Wolfe or Bosworth.

Midas Touch - Big Deal! (Original Mix)
Toni Campo - Over and Out (Original Mix)
Martin Kershaw - Riff Raff (Original Mix)
Reginald Wale - Rhythm-Rhythm-Rhythm (Original Mix)
Trevor Bastow - Integration (Original Mix)
Toni Campo - Point Blank (Original Mix)
Piet Van Meren - Soul Punch (Original Mix)
Toni Campo - Tooty Flooty (Original Mix)
Midas Touch - Make No Bones (Original Mix)
Toni Campo - Centrefold (Original Mix)
Sidney Dale - Knock On Wood (Original Mix)
Reginald Wale - Gone-Gone-Gone (Original Mix)
Toni Campo - Do the Stumble (Original Mix)
Trevor Bastow - Hydrogene (Original Mix)
Ishfahan Farid - Focus on the Middle East (Original Mix)
Vick Flick - Santaren (Original Mix)