Vertical Mode, Illumination, Xerox, Vertical Mode – Life In Process [HOMmega Productions]

Vertical Approach's 2nd album took a year and half to accomplished and it delivers the development that the act had to go under the aegis in such a desire stretch. Range of bpm's and line choice from continuous to psy ecstasy. Also features collaborations with supreme artists such as Sonic Species, Grave7, Oforia and distinguished remixes produced by them to Symbolic & Zentura and to the ceaseless Xerox & Awareness's "Battleship".

Vertical Mode - 3Dimension (Original Mix)
Vertical Mode - System of God (Original Mix)
Oforia, Vertical Mode - Billy Boy (Original Mix)
Sonic Species, Vertical Mode - Enigma (Original Mix)
Vertical Mode - Domination (Original Mix)
Vertical Mode - Magnetic Creatures (Original Mix)
Zen Mechanics, Symbolic - Psychological Effects (Vertical Mode Remix)
Major7, Vertical Mode - Majormode, Pt. 2 (Original Mix)
Vertical Mode - We R Machines (Original Mix)
Xerox, Illumination - Battleship (Vertical Mode Remix)