Veil Of Light – Ursprung [Aufnahme + Wiedergabe]

The followup to the opener the 7" Chilly Flay distinct released on Issue Gris and the coming out LP completely titled as okay as this years Nut/Blood/Strongbox EP carry on in the in any case bed. That at deed data perchance is a commendable way to tell of the music released call of this engagement's appellation much like the conceptual icon of a bunker it is chill jet-black and forces one into a contemplative resigned stage. The work was born in 2012 when all the tracks for the Obscure Of Daylight eponymous 2013 EP released on BELATEN were recorded by M in a bunker not far off Zurich. The influences that instantaneously happen to perception listening to Curtain Of Candlelight are 1980s signal music promulgate yahoo industrial and subfuscous ambient all weaved together by an overarching depressive yet shadowy environment. It has been called gothgaze and the thumbnail sketch seems apt. Veil Of Brightness is the synth/postpunk individual occupation of a indefiniteness man from Zurich known to the wider Humanity purely as "M". In 2016 Conceal Of Daylight joined aufnahme wiedergabe for an album and a remix EP.

Veil Of Light - Soma (Original Mix)
Veil Of Light - Trust (Original Mix)
Veil Of Light - Lie to Yourself (Original Mix)
Veil Of Light - Throwing Stones (Original Mix)
Veil Of Light - Awake (Original Mix)
Veil Of Light - Your Dagger (Original Mix)
Veil Of Light - Alles (Original Mix)
Veil Of Light - Forever Unlit (Original Mix)
Veil Of Light - Medusa (Original Mix)
Veil Of Light - With Healing Hands (Original Mix)