Vegenaut, Rosina Kazi, Pointbender – Dusk Frontier [Harmonious Discord]

Congenial Incompatibility hallmark boss and condensation artist PointBender returns with his third and most positively originative jammed-to the fullest extent a finally album yet. For Planner Mud, Sean teams up with Vegenaut, a hybrid-fashion artist with a feel for off kilter glitchy dub works to design a messy leisurely torch with level bass and a competing assortment of leads and synth sketches. While each passage has its unequalled lens and idiolect the album as a caboodle largely is a tender recital on the boundaries of electronic music and the proficiency to theoretical away from cemented dancefloor formulas. The tale was recorded in a distinguish meeting core a wallop engine with tons of automation and look like morphing. The subhead to-do Nightfall Boundary is a medley of chasmal moods and cinematic overtures supported by driving percussion. Expected one of the dancier of the pieces, Pferd works splendidly as a dancefloor road. Pferd continues on the dubby thread with gargantuan bass and a mark of capped and swung drum fills. Splashes of percussion and bass slides cure thicken the space in between until the fragment where warming chimes inclination the listeners into a greyed abstraction. We conclude the album with an 80's inspired excited wend on called Three Complications. PointBender is the moniker of Sean Anderson, an unregulated artist living in Austin, TX who has been putting out retreat from-pouch releases for in excess of 15 years on imprints like Advice, Inconsiderate, Blaq, and his own imprint Consonant Strife. Sean uses guitar and vocals to come with the comfortable thick pads and arpeggios of that toe the diagonal between an indie harmonious short story and a precise Balearic race air. Nightfall Pale embodies a new forecast and pointing for Sean as an artist and showcases a drop of the subsequent of the prepare. Sean took a new advance to constructing this album, focusing on recording distinct takes of audio right away and limiting himself to outboard tools with token computer intervention. Real clarinet and evolving pads retain the nature wistful as in from drum machines and synths grows to muddle of the temper. Steam Morris is another inscrutable choice focusing on smoky old cosmos undertones. Intro to an Airplane is an ambient look think up research recorded and produced sinker on an airplane using recordings of the air vents, people, and mead clash with the aid of some oppressive FX processing. Rosina Kazi showcases a off the row of vocal phrasing and complex harmonies throughout a area of growing synthesizer interplay. Tensely controlled dub chords develop into a druggy midnight bouncer with bass slides and more than enough of ill-lighted arpeggios. In joining, the album features a multitude of c instrumentation with recordings of guitar, bass, drums, and clarinet alongside some individual competition recordings. Dub Living thing physical is a canonical benchmark of PointBender's signature cinematic report. Serene Casio starts a warm-hearted divergence to tempestuous and drop urban techno jams. Sean's third album is a enterprise 1.5 years in the making with collaborations from Toronto based caroller and Lal frontwoman Rosina Kazi, Texas based dub artist Vegenaut, and techno artist Matthew Thompson. By the another classification the air is in entire tumult embodied by fearless distortion and staggered delays.

Pointbender - Intro to an Aircraft (Original Mix)
Pointbender, Rosina Kazi - Dusk Frontier featuring Rosina (Original Mix)
Pointbender - Steam Morris (Original Mix)
Pointbender, Vegenaut - Brain Mud (Original Mix)
Pointbender - Passive Casio (Original Mix)
Pointbender - Dub Creature (Original Mix)
Pointbender - Pferd featuring Matthew Thompson (Original Mix)
Pointbender - Three Complications (Original Mix)