Vaudou Game – Kidayu [Hot Casa Records]

Each inexpensively then becomes a revelry where the listener becomes the batch's voodoo doll embraced by the Music downbeat submitting itself to the mercilessly metronomic harsh of guitars struck by the coppercolored flashes of lightning forged by the African voodoo goddess Hevioso pierced by the psychedelic visions generated by the organs and a sixstring guitar exuberant songs and hypnotic incantations. When faced with the resolution to fasten on a unusual control at the gamble of getting adrift in a spurious ri or to remote enquire into the constant dulcet process Vaudou Devices did not require to consult the guru for exceptionally elongated when putting together their new album. This afflatus transcends their temper of communion plunges them passionately into Mammy Clay and results in the telepathic suspended animation which is immediately connected to Togo Peter's autochthonous Togo. This incomparable abstraction beat inherited from James Brown and Fela icons of Funk and Afrobeat becomes trident when joined by Mawu the original voodoo divinity cryptic in each of the set's notes. Peter Unaccompanied has displayed his amulets charisma and yellow pants about the orb. Peter Solitary and his posse from Lyon desire surrender the bop align "La Vie C'est Bon" in July and then KIDAYU on September 8 2016 on Hot Casa Records. Better components instruments produced in the 70's and cassette tapes were the "grigris" (or fortunate charms) which proved most outstanding to chase away off digital corruption of their music and bring them to a tightknit league with a substantial stria. When it came period for them to harness their AfroFunk tone for the other lifetime they turned their publicity definitel again to their analog strengths. Since their fundamental acclaimed album "Apiafo" and its ungovernable solitary select "Pas Contente" these Lyon natives not in the least turned down the fury on throughout 130 stages across Europe Africa America and Asia. KIDAYU means "sharing" in Kabye the parlance verbal in northern Togo. Sharing is the world-view of Vaudou Plot both in their recorded music and on condition. "Select African funk tinged with voodoo chanting: Togolese Peter Solo and his accessory musicians from Lyon startle us in a frenzied formalities" Telerama

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