Valde Bene, Alex ll Martinenko – Intellectual Geometry [Progrezo Records]

Debuting with two mind blowing but emotional techno pearls, Ukrainian Valde Bene met up Alex ll Martinenko to produce such outstanding ep as Intellectual Geometry as is, delivering straight arrows to the point proper on quality Dj sets and well built sound systems without doubt.

Driven deep-techno beats, evolving bass-lines and hypnotic synth-lines bring together not only tension to the mix but also kind of mysticism and dynamism to make memorable in the night and on every cutting-edge mix as Intelligence Geometry proves. Here both talents deliver an unstoppable pearl for dusk and dawn.

On the other hand is Moon Screeps. Another mind blowing piece of emotional techno that reminds styles the likes of Tale Of Us and Stephan Bodzin just to name a few, as part of Valde Bene and Alex ll Martinenko joint venture, proving themselves with solidity enough to get highlights within the first-class electronic music industry for sure.

Alex ll Martinenko, Valde Bene - Intelligence Geometry (Original Mix)
Alex ll Martinenko, Valde Bene - Moon Screeps (Original Mix)