VA – You Are We Vol.3 Compiled By Spinal Fusion [Profound Records]

A precise thanks to all the listeners and th-beat addicts, promoters for your unbroken adoration and fortify. We wish you a alien affair that "YOU ARE WE" has to proposal, within a lifetime and endlessness. We indeed enjoyed putting it together and we fancy that you adulation it as much as we do. "You Are We" brings together a altogether refined and out of the ordinary gradate of artists there the earth who are at the forefront of today's completely varying and venomous boundary satiated-on metre psychedelic disturbance. Wow! We would like to suggest our knowledge and detail to all the artists for being a constituent of this compilation. Thanks for this alluring chunk of artwork. Much appreciated! Fahd Hussein – You are such a inventive specific! Bilas Rajderkar | Radhika Bhanot Website: Facebook: Learned next of kin. This compilation is a deviant revealed panorama attempt of fresh supremacy psychedelic rapture with a recondite psychedelic set be in contact with that offers you a trippy sonic aroma for your relish, in tribute to the one breath of the Domain! One Tenderness. Esoteric Records marks its 4 years with a peculiar anniversary compilation "You Are We' copy featuring a whip-round of 9 -carat psychedelic tracks that has been carefully selected by mark establisher Bilas Rajderkar Spinal Fusion; that he believes represents all stages in the phenomenon of the label's reverberate.

Spinal Fusion, M-Theory - SuperNova (Original Mix)
Shivatree - Crystalight (Original Mix)
Ital, Spinal Fusion - Sacred Cycles (Original Mix)
Hypnoise - Namaskaratha (Original Mix)
Spirit Architect, Djantrix - Impluses (Original Mix)
Braincell - Diggin for Neurons (Original Mix)
Groove Addict - Be Positive (Original Mix)
Mystic - Heavy Doses (Original Mix)
Pragmatix - Substance (Original Mix)