VA – Yoshitoshi: The Deep End [Yoshitoshi Recordings]

From melodic abstruse homestead to techno-tinged tracks, The Extensive End delivers a parcel aimed squarely at order environments while also comfortably enjoyable on beachfront or poolside settings. The underlying core is standing, acerbic-sharpness music that DJs and fans be undergoing come up to await from the ticket. Other out of the ordinary tracks approach from Cid Inc, Rony Seikaly, Cristoph, and James Slaven. Yoshitoshi has every time nurtured up-and-coming forte, and The Profound End is chock replete of it, conduct s contemplate for national or rank when concocting this garnering of unusual tracks. This compilation is curated by DJ's for DJ's, and we've considered however one attitude in its the cosmos: satisfactory music. Highlights cover Christian Bonori's "Unruliness," which has toppled audiences in all of Sharam's summer sets, "Confine You," the distinguished yield of Andy Caldwell to the denomination, and Oscitant & Boo's "Signal Crossing," one of two tracks here from the NYC duo. The carton also includes the title-holder of the Sharam Heavi remix meet. The Difficult End is a new compilation type from Yoshitoshi that focuses on all things chasmal.

Veerus, Maxie Devine - Pick Up The First Apple (Original Mix)
Valentino - Flying (Cid Inc Remix)
Sleepy & Boo - Skyway (Original Mix)
Jaques Le Noir - Everytime (Original Mix)
G.Pal, Jonluke - Sleepless Nights (Original Mix)
Vanished - Say What (Original Mix)
Stephen Kirkwood, James Slaven - Wandering (Original Mix)
Luzon - The Bagiuo Track (Cristoph Remix)
Sleepy & Boo - Signal Crossing (Original Mix)
Eddie Amador - Rise (Mindskap Remix)
Rony Seikaly - Loyalty (Original Mix)
Natema, Saccao, Jeremy Goddard - To Shine (Original Mix)
Andy Caldwell, Adam Johan - Hold You (Original Mix)
Christian Bonori - Unruliness (Original Mix)
Sharam - HEAVi (Mark de Line Remix)
Jaques Le Noir - Routine (Original Mix)
Various Artists - Yoshitoshi: The Deep End (Continuous Mix)